Wholesale Leather Supplier, Retail Leather Reseller and Tannery Distributor for North American Leathers , European Leathers , & International Leather Tanneries ... We welcome you to Buckskin Leather Company !

Leather crafters and leather businesses not able to visit our leather warehouse in person may now resort to ordering their leather supplies through this website. Buckskin Leather Company has been in the leather business since 1986 with our original website online since 1995. Our leather site is prepared as a self help guide to finding your leather requirements in an educational laymanís language. We encourage all leather users to read through the entire website and inform yourself as to leather terminology under each section, and in particular the References page.

We realize and appreciate the difficulty in ordering raw leather materials and therefore provide a secure, safe personalized service to ensure accuracy and minimize shipping errors. As every genuine leather hide is unique in characteristic, size, and grain imperfections, the only method to ensure a match to your requirements is contact in person to discuss your leather supply needs. For this reason we have provided a Toll Free Telephone number for all of Canada and the USA for free leather advice and leather order desk. In addition we encourage requests for actual leather samples which are cut from leather hides in stock, on hand and provided free of charge to our users by regular mail. We therefore do not accept online ordering which we feel is impersonal and prone to errors.

Buckskin Leather Company has built its reputation on 3 generations in the leather tanning industry and providing its customers with quality leather supply in a timely, cost effective and informed manner. Good luck in your leather endeavors and we hope you enjoy our online leather hide supply website.

For fast leather sample request turn-around, leather users may request express post delivery for a nominal charge of $15 Canadian / $10 US to cover shipping costs.