Rawhide Leather

Rawhide Leather Hides

Rawhide Leather available in Cowhide, Deerskin, Elk Skin and Goatskin Rawhides

All rawhide leather hides are supplied in uncut condition and priced per hide. They have have been chemically de-haired, cured, then stretched and dried for further processing. Upon rewetting and soaking the rawhide leather skin, it can then be stretched and worked in damp condition before re-drying. We stock only in natural amber colour which is the strongest type. Bleaching rawhides for cosmetic whitening will weaken the hide fibre leading to splitting of the grain once dried over time. They are primarily used for drum making, lampshades, snowshoe webbing, rawhiding of wooden saddle trees as well as rawhide lacing for lashing on log furniture etc. Weight thickness will vary depending the type of animal skin. Refer to care of rawhides article for care instructions of finished rawhide products.

Cowhide Rawhides

Cowhide rawhides are the largest skin with the most thickness, 3-5 oz and average 15-18 sqft in dry condition or about 6 ft long by 3 ft wide. These are cow sides or half hides only. Great for larger drum covers and where a heavier rawhide is required or rawhide lacing.

Deerskin Rawhides & Elk Skin Rawhides

The deerskin and elk skin rawhide skins are lighter in weight in natural amber color. Deerskin are smaller and average 10-15 sq ft and are also lighter in weight than Elk. Elk will average 15-18 sq.ft and are somewhat heavier in weight. Both are in full hides. As these are wild hunted skins, they will have some range marks, bullet holes and some knife cuts. Ideal drum cover rawhides.

XL elk rawhides skins

Goatskin Rawhides

Goatskin rawhides are the smallest and lightest rawhides. They will average 7-10 sq.ft. in size and are in natural grey color and are usually clear of holes. Ideal for smaller drums and lampshades.

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