Leather Clearance Specials

Buckskin Leather Company offers leather for sale in both regular reorder lines as well as stock lots of assorted surplus leather from tanneries and other source leather suppliers. Our leather clearance special stock lots are graded and sorted, then offered to our customers for in-store sales only. **Note: Samples are not available for clearance lots. Most of these stock lots are overruns as well as color variations and sample production which accumulate in the Tannery. We offer these as clearance specials which are sold on a first come first serve basis and limited to availability while stock lasts.

Utility Leather Sides

Leather for Sale & Clearance Specials

We invite those customers who have the opportunity to visit our Calgary warehouse or Nanaimo outlet to browse this inventory in person. Prices for this inventory are dependant on grade selection and type as well as volume and are as follows.

leather for sale

Current Leather Hide Specials:

  • Oil tanned and Chap Leather Sides, Assorted utility grades, averaging 20-25 sqft., 3-4 oz and 4-5 oz weight, some branded or ranged marks of barb wire or holes.
  • Garment Cowhide in clearance colors, 2-3 oz weight, sides average 18-25 sqft.
  • Black Miscellaneous cowhide in sides, assorted temper and sizes 15-20 sqft.
  • Lambskin assorted clearance colors mostly earth tones, average 6-8 sqft skins, priced per sqft.

Please continue to watch this page for future leather clearance specials and sales announcements. Customers can also call our toll-free number for updates of newly received stock lots at 1-888-723-0806 and alternatively you can check our online leather supply price list to view our other regularly priced leathers for sale.



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